Andreas Bertsch & Andreas Titze

The Genital Capsule of selected European Bumblebee Males (Bombus)

a collection of 600 SEM images (Scanning Electron Microscope)

SEM pictures
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About the book

The genital capsule of the bumblebee is nearly always illustrated in dorso-ventral view. This may be sufficient as a quick aid to species identification. However, in order to get an idea of the spatial arrangement of these complex morphological structures, it is not suffi­cient. Images are always two-dimensional projections; they cannot adequately depict the three-dimensional form of a structure. In order to recognize the real shape of an object one needs to look at several projections from varying angles.

Not everyone who wants to deal with bumblebees has access to a really excellent stereo­microscope. Hopefully, these SEM images (Scanning Electron Microscope) will help to overcome this deficiency: they are intended to convey the best possible picture of reality. Of course, they cannot replace rea­lity, i.e. the exact study of a genital capsule.

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